10 Best Juicer Blender Combo Reviews [ 2023 Guide]

It will be a perfect day to start when you have a machine doing both juicing and blending. Right now, I’ll let you know the 10 best juicer blender combo that is in trend in the market. These juicer blenders are our top picks.

Some are excellent when it comes to price. Some are best when we see the design and more aspects you will get! All of these juicer blender combo have come with high quality and excellent efficiency. It is up to you which one is the best to complete your need.

Have a Look At the 10 Best Juicer Blender Combo

After testing multiple juicer blenders and taking personal reviews from professional chefs and home consumers, we concluded a list of the top juicer blender combos that will guide you that which product will be best for you. Let’s get started with our first top-notch product!

1. Wolf Gourmet High-Performance Blender (WGBL 100S)

The top-notch best juicer blender, Wolf Gourmet High-Performance Blender, changes how to use a blender. It completes all needs, such as chopping vegetables, whether it is hard or soft, whipping creams, churning creams, pouring sauces, and grinding grains and letting the great smoothies experience beyond compare.

There is a pre-programmed setting so that if the recipes are complicated, it can easily craft whatever you crave, from one-touch smoothies to hot recipes.

While blending or crushing ice, it works well quietly. The simple and easy-to-use feature ensures bringing the whole world’s tastes and nutrition into your kitchen.

Moreover, it has an LCD, which lets you monitor the daily blending from blending to selected speed or program setting.

Additionally, the horsepower motor has a speed of 210 mph, giving you an ultra-responsiveness blending experience no matter which type of food it is, and it gives superior results.

Finally, the blender is without BPA and 64 oz jar that has the capacity to whip up smoothies or milkshakes for the whole family.

The Key Features

  • It comes in standard size and has a unique design
  • Including Emulsion accessories
  • Four programmed setting
  • 4 peak HP Motor
  • Ultra-responsive variable speed
  • Intuitive LCD Control panel
  •  Excellent in all matters
  •  Good at making smoothies
  •  The blade doesn’t require assembly
  •  The lid is easy to put on and pull off
  •  The grippy handle makes it easy to place on the base
  •  Has automatic and manual pulse for multiple setting
  •  Very loud
  •  Not dishwasher safe
  •  Blades are also not removable for cleaning

2.Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed Blender, Black

What a blast! Vitamix is one of the top-notch blenders and the best for leafy greens. In 1969, the company released the Vitamix 3600, the first blender that could make hot soup, blend ice cream, grind grain, and knead bread dough.

Amazing features make it the first and last choice for mixers.  All blades are made of stainless steel material to ensure complete crushing and blending.

Moreover, it comes with all possible parts that are durable to last for years so that you can easily blend, grind, churn, chop, cream, heat, and much more.

Included high and low control efficiency gives a great blending experience.

Surprise! You can get ten appliances in one blender. That’s the reason this machine comes out on top.

Just in a few seconds, everything such as leafy green, fruits, and most healthy vegetables, but make sure you have cut it down into small pieces before putting it into the blender.

Moreover, the blender is cleaning easy; take a few drops of liquid soap and wash it thoroughly under lukewarm water.

Best of all, this blender has a size of 64 ounces, which is a perfect choice for large families. When it comes to price, it is certainly one of the higher out there.

The Key Feature

  • The size of this machine is 64 ounces, which is ideal for blending as well as crushing medium to large batches.
  • It ensures a faster and smoother blending experience to give you the best morning possible.
  • Moreover, it features with cooling running motor that delivers consistent power to process any ingredient.
  •  Durable
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Frozen treats in seconds
  •  Blend and grind any material
  •  Included ten years warranty card
  •  Large footprint
  •  Constant speed setting required

3. Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose

If you want high performance and durable juicer blender, then Breville is a well-loved blender. As it is not the cheapest machine, it ensures you make a worthwhile investment. It has all the great features you want in the best juicer blender combo.

Moreover, this blender has a highly powerful 120-watt motor with five variable speed options: ice crush, smoothie, and pulse setting.

You can set these speed options while blending or juicing when needed.

As a result, it provides complete efficiency, whether it comes to chopping or blending. Moreover, it can cut all food items and extract juice according to your needs.

Unlike other cheap range blenders, this machine has a great design that ensures blending or juicing without getting stuck or clogged up.

The Key Features

  • There is an interchangeable die-cast base for both blender and juicer attachments
  • It comes with 3” extra-wide chute that is enough for whole fruits and vegetables
  • Hemisphere blade and bowl technology with five variable speed options
  •  High-speed, powerful motor with five variable options
  •  Large chute for less preparation
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Included pulp container
  •  Trustworthy brand
  •  Overload protection
  •  It is not ideal for veggie crushing
  •  It doesn’t provide the most exceptional warranty
  •  As it has centrifugal operation causing oxidation of juice if they left for a while

4. Oster Versa Blender

The Oster Versa Blender lets you get healthy nutrients as well as smoothies. It makes it possible to blend all ingredients, such as whole fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens and extract well-textured juice. Like other blenders, it doesn’t mix the dough.

It comes up with a powerful motor with 1400 watts and a stainless-steel blade to get a perfect smoothie and freshest taste.

This fantastic blender has a compact design and size of 64 oz. its handle is made of rubber texture which provides a firm grip.

The blades are made of stainless steel, which makes them last for years. Along with a tamper accessory to blend efficiently when it is difficult to move the ingredients.

Particularly, the fantastic feature is it has a sturdy base that prevents moving or slippage while operating. The only con of this blender is the possible fragility of the jar.

This blender offers a fantastic value proposition when it comes to juicing to get a perfect smoothie and soup.

The Key Features

  • There are 1400 watts high powered motor
  • It comes with stainless steel blades makes the blades durable
  • BRA free Tritan plastic jar and three programmed setting
  • Included Tamper as well as two recipe books
  •  It comes with a 7-year warranty
  •  With a low profile, you can easily store the jar
  •  It is available at a lower price
  •  The plastic jar could be fragile
  •  It is made in China

5. Juiceman JCJ450 Citrus Juicer

A fresh spin on citrus! A versatile Juicer Blender, a perfect combo, a 3-in-1 blender that makes it more than a blender as well as a juicer.

This machine is the best juice extractor that works correctly. It comes with large stainless-steel filters. You can separate the pulp to put the juice correctly. All the combo of fastness and effectiveness.

Together, when it comes to citrus features, it works efficiently for oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, and all other citrus fruits.

It doesn’t matter any fruit it is; this blend works excellently for extracting pure citrus juice. In particular, it has four tip blade that is made of stainless steel. Whether a soft vegetable or hard vegetable, it works efficiently and provides the exact consistency you want.

Lastly, the 800W motor completes all the needs of blending and juicing. Featuring with single speed as well as pulse.

The Key Features

  • There is a separate pulp during juicing
  • Auto reversing, Drip-free spout and cord wrap
  • All parts are removable and dishwasher safe
  • 800w powered Motor fast while operating
  •  Easy to fast and operate
  •  Have a citrus juicer feature
  •  Excellent Juice extractor that separates pulp
  •  Comes with two years warranty card
  •  Some users claimed that the juicer doesn’t extract the maximum juice from ingredients

6. Costway 5-in-1 Professional Food Processor

Multi-functional, not 2 or 3; it is the 5-in-1 juicer blender. It does all as blending, chopping, juicing, and grinding.  Costway 5-in-1 blender is the most versatile machine on the market.

Moreover, it comes with all the needed accessories to have different functions that can shred, slice, cut meat, mix eggs, and even works great on the dough.

As it has a generous full mouth, the size is 75mm offers you to save time while popping and chopping whole fruits and vegetables.

Amazingly, it is included with an excellent safety feature. It will stop working when it is overloaded or doesn’t assemble correctly.

Besides this, it presents a cleaning brush, and the parts are dishwasher safe.

Finally, with 800W motor and centrifugal feature make it a fast and efficient Juicer Blender. There are 2-speed choices available depending on your requirements.

When it comes to its cleanness, then all the parts are easy to clean, easy to use, assemble, and even disassemble as it has a cleaning brush as well.

The Key Features

  • There is no cloning, not even mixing, no oxidation; it is a 5-in-1 Juicer Blender, does all thing you require is an efficient mixer.
  • It comes with two speeds for fruits and vegetables.
  • A powerful motor comes with 800W to get a perfect Smoothie experience.
  •  The full mouth works excellent even in poping
  •  It is worthwhile
  •  Great safety features
  •  Extremely versatile with multiple functions
  •  Easy to operate and clean
  •  Having all services, it is not user-friendly at first

7. MengK Smoothie Blenders

A fast and easy-to-start blender that makes smoothie blending as well as perfect juicing, MengK Smoothie Blender. It presents six sharp blades to ensure you have a great mixture and juicing experience.

This blender is made of stainless steel materials with non-BPA plastic pots so that you can blend various aromatic beverages and foods.

Additionally, with a large capacity of a maximum of 2 liters, this is the right choice for small and large families.

It is a professional blender, including a high-powered appliance with commercial-grade two horsepower and a powerful motor 1400W mixer, with 25000 peaks.

Moreover, the machine provides complete safety and automatically shuts down when the current exceeds 15 A. Also, it will stop working when you overload the food ingredients or throw the ball.

Finally, when it comes to the warranty period, it offers six months home cup warranty and three months of commercial cups warranty and the basic units are provided with a one-year warranty. This bladder is valuable if you want to relish smoothies and nutritional juices.

The Key Features

  • The watts output is 1400W.
  • There are five-speed and a pulse
  • Total Crushing technology
  • Automatic shutdown protection
  • Adjustable time and pulse technology
  •  Included versatile and fast, powerful motor
  •  The compact design makes it easy to storage
  •  It is a perfect cabinet design, as BPA-free components
  •  Pulse technology
  •  Adjustable smart time setting
  •  Auto shut down mechanism
  •  Do not wash it in water or other liquids
  •  The material doesn’t come with high quality
  •  It doesn’t blend the fruits and vegetables efficiently

8. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender

Ninja is used for high-powered blending and crushing. No one blender can compete with Ninja Professional Countertop Blender as it has all the features that are required for juicing and blending. It gives high-powered crushing, smoothie blending, and processing appliance features.

Moreover, it comes with a blending jar that is equipped with razor-sharp blades that take a few seconds to crush everything smoothly, even through frozen fruits. It is a blast for ice-crushing.

Additionally, the blender design is ideal for creating personalized as well as easy to clean.

All its parts are easily washable as it presents high-powered appliances such as the power of 1100 watts, three speedy single-serve functions, and a pulse.

However, its handle design is not user-friendly to hold it better, and you can use a rubber or dish towel to hold it firmly.

Finally, there is a complete guide to getting some ideas for savory recipes and yummy smoothies. It is perfect to blast, including all veggie items, seeds, stems, and whole fruits.

The total blending and crushing technology ensure a complete shippable juice experience. It is highly recommended if you want to become a master of juice.

The Key Features

  • The Ninja Professional comes with XL 72 oz.
  • High-powered appliance with 1100 watts
  • As a result, the amazing blender provides mini cups that make it easier to drink
  •  Ergonomic design to pour
  •  Total blending and crushing technology
  •  Included single-serve option
  •  Blast for icing and breaking
  •  Smooth and sleek design
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Its handle design is not great
  •  Sometimes it makes noise while crushing

9. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

The Hamilton Beach smoothies Smart Blender delivers all the high performance that you are required in the juicer blender. Apart from affordability, all you need is a perfect smoothie. And it makes the drinks and pureed mixtures come out smooth whenever you want.

Moreover, an auto smoothie option lets a 25-second smart blending cycle give a smooth smoothie. After the time is up, it will automatically shut down.

Additionally, you are equipped with Wave Action System for getting a smooth texture.

This Wave Action System is designed to pull out the ingredients down into the blades so that you don’t have to spend time stopping or stirring the mixture.

The Key Features

  • The 40oz patented wave
  • Easy clean, smooth touchpad
  • Dishwasher-safe jar included
  • Cord storage area underneath the base
  • It can blend hot liquids
  • Automatically shut off feature
  •  Works excellent at making margaritas and smoothies
  •  Easy to assemble the blade
  •  The jar is also easy to place on the base
  •  Both are suitable for lefties and righties
  •  All parts are dishwasher safe
  •  Relatively quiet
  •  The lid is easy to put on and pull off
  •  Tomato sauce left stains on the jar
  •  No measuring cup in the top

10. BuySevenSide Multi-Function Juicer Extractor

There is no need to buy 3 to 4 Juicer blenders when BuySeven side Multi-Function Best Juicer Extractor is here to serve you. It is worthwhile for the good stuff at an affordable price.

A perfect 4-in-1 system provides four high-performance services: a blender, meat grinder, processor and a blender jug.

Including it has a compact design, so ample space is needed to place it.

You can quickly put it personally and for household use. All this blender’s components are portable, making it easy to clean.

In summary, this machine comes with large blades providing high performance and great convenience.

The Key Features

  • There are three-speed modes as high and low speed for crushing food softer, and the hand mode is for crushing the most robust item.
  • Moreover, it presents four suction cups that are fixed at the bottom, letting blending and crushing work smoothly.
  • A high-powered fast motor and four sharp blades extract complete nutrition, vitamins, and juice.
  • Moreover, it features a dual safety system that provides complete safety so you can get a proper smooth working system.
  •  All in one blender
  •  Include a dual safety system
  •  Cleaning brush
  •  Compact design is best for small areas
  •  Each component works independently
  •  Easy to clean and pour
  •  Comes with a warranty card
  •  The material isn’t providing high quality
  •  Sometimes, it makes much noise while blending
  •  It is required to place it in a dry place and should be protected from direct UV rays

 What to Look When You Buy Best Juicer Blender Combo

Buyer’s Guide
If you are a juice lover and want to get juice, the first thing that comes to mind is which juicer blender combo is a perfect choice. So, you will waste your money before buying without knowing these aspects.

What Is the Difference Between Best Juicer Blender?

Well, it is quite simple. The juicer extracts juice from the ingredients, and the combo does both functions easily, such as mining and blending.

Meanwhile, it removes all the pulp to provide a clear plum juice, and the blender simply pulverizes the items leaving the flesh in a thicker smoothie.

Functions and Advantages

Now the extraction technology brings out a higher concentration of healthy nutrients in the added ingredients. Almost all of the latest juicers and blenders are equipped with this technology that provides more speed. Many offer a myriad of pre-programmed settings, which allows getting a higher level of consistency without matter which ingredients you are attempting.

Easy to Store

Some juicers and blenders are bulky and need more space to place storage challenges. But in our list, that’s not the case; you can find the compact design blenders Juicers having a relatively small footprint so that you don’t face the storage problem.

Pre-Programmed Setting

The latest blender and juicers feature up-to-date technology to make your work much easier. Now you can choose the mixers and juicers in a setting based on the ingredients you are using. Moreover, you are looking for what kind of juice you want, thereby boosting the product’s versatility.

The Conclusion

Alright, hopefully, we’ve made your decision easier as we have picked the most top-notch products by keeping all aspects, such as functionality, efficiency, and convenience.

Moreover, there are many options to choose from in the market. it depends on your needs in the best juicer blender. These products are budget-friendly. Just select one to have a healthier tomorrow.

bestjuicerproducts.com aims is to provide you with effective tips about fresh juicing and smoothies. We also help you to choose the right juicer or blender so that you could make your fresh juice recipe easily with help of the best juicer or blender to make your juice delicious and healthy.

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