Best Juicer For Carrot In 2021 Reviews & Guide – 10 Best Carrot juicers

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Have you opened your browser to search for the best juicer for carrot and Celery?  There are undoubtedly other beautiful articles on this topic, but our team has made a lot of effort to compile this list for you. Well, the juicer is the most essential and enjoyable thing for your kitchen countertop; it will also enhance your kitchen decor’s beauty. For maintaining your lifestyle, this is an excellent decision to spend some money on a juicer that is a beneficial and healthy thing for your life. 

Many people prefer beet and carrot juices, among many others. There is a huge range of the best home juicers available in the market. That will work excellent if you use them for carrots, leafy greens, and hard vegetables. If you plan to buy the best juicer for vegetables, it will become challenging for you. So, don’t worry, here is the solution for selecting the best one through this best carrot juicer guide. 

No one can deny the benefits of carrot juice as it is both healthful and delicious at the same time. Frankly speaking, finding the best juicer for carrot and beetroot is not very difficult as finding a particular juicer for leafy greens or ginger but our research suggests you OMEGA NC800HDS Juicer as best carrot juicer that has all qualities to juice carrots.

Juicing carrots is more common than juicing other ingredients. So we have enlisted budget friendly and the highest rated juicer with all the positive and negative aspects for you to choose the right juicer for carrot juice. Let’s start with a detailed review of each juicer product for carrot juice.

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Best Juicer for Carrot Comparison Table- Top 10 Best Carrot juicer picks 

Here is the list of the 10 best juicers for carrots that you can see in the comparison table. we give the top picks to the best carrot juicers that you can pick and this table will give you easily pick of the best juicer machines for carrot juice.



    • Brand: Breville
    • Efficiency: 5x Fast
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Chute Size : Extra large

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    • Brand: Omega
    • Type: Masticating
    • Efficinecy: High
    • Material 18/8 Stainless steel


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    • Brand: Cuisinart
    • Speed Setting: 5 settings
    • Power: 1000 watts
    • Filter Basket: Form reducing

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Hamilton Beach PRO JUICER

Hamilton Beach PRO JUICER

    • Brand: Hamilton Beach
    • Power: 800 watt<
    • Warranty: 3 Years
    • Blade Material: BPA Free Plastic

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    • Brand : Breville
    • Juicer Type: Centrifugal
    • Power: 700 watt
    • Material : Plastic, Metal

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      • Brand: AAOBOSI
      • Juicer Type: Cold Press
      • Power: 250 watts
      • Chuta Size: 3.15 inch

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      • Brand: Tribest
      • Material: Plastic
      • Juicer type: Cold Press
      • Juicer System: Masication System

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    • Brand: Omega
    • Speed Settings : 5-settings
    • Power: 200 watts
    • Warranty: 15 Years

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      • Brand: Breville
      • Material: Plastic
      • Speed Control: Two speed control
      • Juicer Type: Centrifugal Juicer

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    • Brand: CHAMPION
    • Efficiency : High
    • Style : Electric
    • Durability: High

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Breville is a big name in the juicer-making market, and the proof is that our list contains almost 33% of its juicers. This company makes plenty of powerful and quiet juicers for carrots and other ingredients. This model provides you with both options by giving you speed control.

As you all know, we need to have slow masticating juicers for carrots and other hard ingredients, so this is the best Breville juicer for making leafy greens and hard vegetable juice. It is somehow heavy machine, but it saves a lot of energy and time too.


Noise Reduction Technology

Breville has used a superior technology of noise reduction in this machine. Its noise reduction quality is so good that you become confused while using it and start wondering if it is working or not. So it does not disturb any other person in-home or office through this noise.

It reduces sound up to 40%. It does not let any other person know if someone is juicing or not. These features make it the best slow juicer for carrots and beets. 

Fast Setting

This juicer works so fast that you can get a delicious and minerals-rich juice five times faster than other cold press technology.

Powerful Motor

This machine is powerful. It comes up with a powerful motor of 1200 watts and ads on a luxury of variable speed dial. This variable speed control lets you juice almost anything.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

It is effortless to use, and all parts are dishwasher safe. Although it is a hefty unit, assembly is still effortless, and you do not have to make a lot of effort. Just rinse the parts with water and soap.

Healthful Juice

Breville has come up with cold press technology in this juicer that avoids heat losses while juicing. If you are a frequent juicer, then you must know that if less heat is produced while juicing, then almost no minerals, enzymes, and nutrients are lost during the process of juicing. This is the best carrot juicer and gives you comfort with its user-friendly features. 


It has a titanium-reinforced nutria cutting disc that makes it more efficient. The juice yield is very high, and the final product is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its robust stainless steel cutting disc and Italian-made mesh filter give you a low heated juice with nearly no pulp. These special functions make it the best juice processor or blender for anything. 

Large Feeding Chamber

It has a 3.5″ wide feed chute, so you do not have to cut your ingredients into smaller pieces. So no pre cutting is required. Thus it saves a lot of time, effort, and energy.


An extra-large juice container jug is also available in the box. You do not have to find a glass to fit under the juice outlet. Contain the juice in a jar and store it in the refrigerator.


The power of its motor is 1200 Watts. It weighs 14.3-lb and its dimensions are 13.4″ x 13.2″ x 17.4″

  • best veggie juicer
  • Fast setting saves a lot of time.
  • More efficient and healthful juice
  • It is a little bit heavy.


This is the best slow juicer with dual-stage extraction technology. It is best for hard ingredients like hard fruits, vegetables, carrots, and beets. Omega NC800HDS is equally suitable for leafy greens, and it gives you fresh and healthful juice. That is why we can say that it is a versatile juicer extractor.

Its user-friendliness, ease of use, efficiency, and versatility are salient features that make it one of the best juicers for carrot juice lovers. You can choose other juicers for carrots, too, but this one stands out. It will work great for anything.


Slow Masticating Juicer

The motor runs at a speed of 80 revolutions per minute which is quite a low speed. Like other slow-speed carrot juice machines, it also gives the maximum output and the lowest pulp. The final product is more healthful and fresh.

The low heat build-up does not allow the juice to lose enzymes and minerals; hence it can store for a long time. Moreover, the natural taste of the liquid is not lost.

Large Chute

Its larger chute does not let you cut all your ingredients into smaller pieces. It accepts almost all fruits and vegetables as a whole that saves a lot of your time and effort. With this hard functionality, it becomes the best fruit and veggie juicer. 

Automatic Pulp Ejection

Now you will not have to complain about pulpy juice. This machine comes up with a great system of automatic pulp ejection. No one should be a pulp fan, so it takes care of you and gives you a clear liquid. So you can easily juice all fibrous ingredients without any hesitance.

Ease of Use and Cleanup

It is easy to use, and all parts are dishwasher safe, making it an easy-to-clean product available in the market. It also does not create a lot of mess during the process, so you do not have to spend a lot of effort post-juicing.

As compared to another highest rated juicer, this one is quite a portable one because it weighs only 18.7 lbs.

Nutrition Center

This is a multipurpose juicer machine that can convert nuts into nut butter, prepare baby food, make pasta, grind the coffee, grind spices, soy milk, frozen desserts, minced garlic, extract almonds, etc. It provides you with five settings to choose from accordingly. If you use it for apple juice, it will give you the last drop of juice without wasting extra pulp. because apples look harder than other soft fruits like bananas, strawberries, and others. 


It is made up of 18/8 stainless steel and weighs only 18.7 pounds. Its dimensions are 14.5” x 6.5” x 15.5”. It has dual-stage masticating extraction. It works at a voltage of 110-120V. Its motor is powerful but quiet at the same time. The gear reduction is to a motor of 2 horsepower. It includes six nozzles and two juicing screens. 


Omega gives an extended warranty of 15 years for parts and performance. I think this warranty is enough to encourage you to buy this model’s juicers for carrots.

Adjustable End Cap

The adjustable end cap makes it different. So if you are one of them. Like a bit of pulp in your juice, this flexible end cap allows you to tune the amount of pulp in your juice.

  • Long warranty
  • Nutrition center
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Large feed chute
  • Best juicer for kale, carrot, beets, and other veggies 
  • best juicer for carrots and leafy greens
  • There is a learning curve to use an adjustable end cap.

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I am sure you will fall in love with this pick of ours. It comes with unique features, and also it’s a budget-friendly option for you. The Cuisinart juicer machine has a powerful motor with high motor life, a massive pulp collector, ease of use, and many more brilliant features that will compel you to buy this one. This is one of the best food extractors for you in a reasonable price range. Before discussing its features in detail, we must tell you that Cuisinart is famous for manufacturing the right quality products that are also good in functionality.


Centrifugal Juicer

We have picked another centrifugal juicer, and it is one of the best centrifugal juicers for hard fruits and vegetables.

Die-Cast And Material 

Die casting is a technique to manufacture machine parts with extreme accuracy. These parts are sharply defined and with both smooth and textured surface materials. They use metal dies to molten mold metal into shapes. The parts of these models come with stainless steel using die casting.

Powerful Motor

The powerful yet quiet motor is 100 watts. If you use your dial speed wisely, this motor will take care of itself for a very long time. Moreover, this carrot juice extractor machine gives you smooth and noise-free luxury time.

Large Pulp Collector

Some people like to have a bit of pulp into their juice, but many do not like that. So this juicer comes up with a large pulp collector of 2 liters. I tell you what kind of problems you can face with small pulp collectors.

For example, if you have a small pulp collector, you have to keep switching on and off your juicer whenever the pulp collector is full. So this juicer does not let you do that. You complete your juicing process, and you can easily detach your pulp collector after that.

Easy Clean 

The cleaning process is so easy because the assembly is very smooth. All parts are made up of BPA-free plastic material and are dishwasher safe. But we recommend cleaning the filter and other thinner parts manually.

Large Storing Capacity

This is the best economical juicer everyone can get in an affordable price range and get benefits through its impressive large storage capacity. Both for juicer and pulp gives the advantage of not switching on and off juicer again and again.

5 Speeds and Foam Management System

If you do not use the 5-speed system wisely, then you can reduce your juice yield. These juice extractor machines come up with 5-speed technology. Choose the speed according to the nature of the ingredients. For example, for components like oranges, choose speed 3 and more problematic ingredients like carrots and elite speed. 

The foam management system will take care of the rest and give you a no-final foam product. Slow speed also gives you juice with no oxygen loss.

Beautiful Design

The design and layout are so beautiful that it enhances the ambiance of your kitchen. It is considered one of the largest carrot juicer because of its size and height, but it is beautiful and lightweight. That is why it is effortless to move.


The box contains a large pulp collector with a 2-liter capacity and one quarter juice container and the machine. A cleaning brush, recipe book, and instruction manual are also there in the box. This Comes with a 3-year limit.

Drip Stopper

There is a drip stopper and a knob there on the juicer. These systems are there to increase efficiency. Control the juice flow through the knob and close it when necessary. There is a control dial with blue led light that enhances its beauty. 

  • It is pretty quiet as compared to other centrifugal juicers for carrots
  • 5 speed dial control with blue led light
  • Extra-wide feed chute
  • Foam management system to reduce the foam
  • 2 liter pulp collector
  • The cord length is short
  • If not used wisely, it may not give super dry pulp

4) Hamilton Beach PRO JUICER 67608A

Hamilton Beach are best home juicers. Its excellent performance of Juicing harder fruits had never been more comfortable. This Hamilton beach has a powerful motor and large pulp container to juice without any hindrance. Below, we are discussing its features in detail.

hamilton beach 67608a

Centrifugal Juicer

It is a centrifugal machine with a powerful motor of 1.1 horsepower and 800 wattages. It was mentioned as “the most efficient juicer” by a famous magazine called “food and wine.” It beats other monster companies like Omega in terms of efficiency.

Anti-drip spout

The anti-drip spout function makes it one of the unique juicers for carrots. This increases efficiency and prevents the spout from dripping. There is also a lid on the container to avoid splashing.

Stainless Steel Material

Its blades are made up of stainless steel material. The steel micro-mesh cutter makes sure that hard fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, celery, etc., are cut and squeezed to their fullest, and juice yield is maximum. The juice can be stored for up to 24 hours.

Deep cleaning Hamilton Beach Juicer 

Its parts are dishwasher safe, but they will hardly take 5 minutes if you wash them manually. We recommend rinsing them right after using the machine for a better, more comfortable, and quicker wash because if you wait before washing it, it will take more time to clean its filter and other parts.

A cleaning brush is also present there in the box. The bristles of the cleaning brush are very hard, which makes it more efficient.

Wide Chute

Save your preparation time if you have this juicer in your kitchen because its 3″ wide chute does not let you cut the ingredients into pieces. Enjoy the most healthful and nutrient-rich juice as early as possible without much effort. 

Large Pulp Catcher

There is a large pulp catcher in the box. If you have small pulp containers, you have to switch on and off the juicer whenever the pulp container is full. These become the best juicer for carrots on the market due to their low price and save your time.

Healthful Juice

This brand gives you best carrot juicer that maintenance with nutrients because there is less heat built up during juicing. Moreover, you can juice a variety of ingredients because it can handle both hard and soft ingredients.


The company gives a limited warranty of 3 years on parts, but it provides access to the dedicated US customer support employee’s Hamilton Beach team.

  • It comes with a large chute and a large pulp collector.
  • Affordable price range 
  • Anti drip spout
  • High juice yield
  • BPA free plastic
  • The company gives only three years warranty.
  • It is a bit louder than other centrifugal juicers for carrots.


Here comes another Breville product that makes it to our top picks for the best juicer for the carrot. We will be having one more Breville juicer on this list because, as you all know, this is the best Breville juicer on the market nowadays. And people want this because it’s perfect and is one of the best carrot juice makers. Breville BJE200XL has many features that an efficient juicer should have, so we have a look at some of its salient features below.

breville bje200xl juice fountain compact

Large Chute

An extra-wide 3″ feed chute is one of its key features. This saves a lot of your preparation time, and you can enjoy a healthy juice full of taste earlier.

Heavy Duty

This machine looks small, but it is, contrary to its looks, weighty duty. Its powerful motor of 700 watts revolves at a speed of 14000 RPM, which is relatively high. It is a bit loud, but it is worth it. It is a highly efficient and speedy carrot juicer machine on the market.

 Compact Design

The compact design of this juicer is one of its key features. The compact design can be stored anywhere easily without bothering other items in your kitchen. It is also very lightweight cold pressed carrot juicer so transferring it from one place to another is not very difficult.

Easy Cleaning

The blades are right in the center of the mixing area, so the cleaning process is easy. Assembly is quick and easy. All parts are dishwasher safe but can wash manually too. A cleaning brush is also there in the box to make your cleaning process more manageable.

Excellent Safety Protection

This juicer’s safety is another salient feature that Breville has provided us with. It has a safety locking arm that prevents its motor from running unless it is locked. It will also not start operating unless the juice cover is on. And prevent any shock and breaking issues.

Froth Separator

It comes up with a froth separator with a lid to remove the juice’s bubbles and foam. No one likes a foamy kind of liquid, so this one gives a clean juice. This also makes the juice yield very high. It provides 30 percent more juice and that too with 40 percent more vitamins.


This machine comprises a stainless steel cutting disc with titanium blades, an Italian-made micro-mesh filter, and a heavy-grade polymer body.

Accessories and Warranty

The company gives a 1-year warranty. You can get a juice container for an extra $15. Otherwise, you will get a 1.6-quart pulp container and a cleaning brush along with the machine.

Pulp Quality

The pulp is quite wet as compared to that given by other juicers for carrots. A pulp container is also there that contains pulp within the juicer’s footprint that saves you from extra cleaning of the kitchen top.

  • Large chute with centered disc
  • Titanium blades
  • Safety locking arm
  • best juicer for beets and carrots
  • Cleaning is easy
  • The pulp is wet
  • It is a bit loud


This masticating juicer has succeeded in making its place in our list of picks for the best juicer for beets and carrots. This Aobosi product is quite a powerful machine. You all must know that a slow masticating juicer gives us the benefit that it mostly serves as a multipurpose juicer. It can juice not only hard ingredients but also soft ingredients. Its range is vast.


Multi-purpose Juicer

Slow masticating is one of the best carrot juicers. Its excellent work often benefits from using them for more than one purpose like this juicer. The range compiles apples, strawberries, carrots, celery, leafy greens, oranges, grapes, and even ginger.

Heavy Duty

This machine will not mind if you put many fruits and vegetables into it because it can work for a very long time without any problem. It can continuously run for about 10 minutes. That is why this is the best juicer for hard and soft vegetable and fruits.

Cold Press Technology

This juicer also works on cold press technology, which means no heat is built up. This results in getting a juice rich in nutrients, enzymes, minerals, and that too with less oxidation. You can store the juice for up to 72 hours without losing its natural taste and nutrients.


The motor runs at a speed of 80-100 RPM and wattage of 150 watts. It gives 20 percent more juice and 30 percent more vitamins.

Gives Excellent Protection

Its small mouth saves your hands from injuries. Moreover, you end up having no dirty hands because there is no splashing. Its safety lock design does not allow it to run unless the arms are locked correctly.

Great Quiet Juicer

Since it is a slow masticating juicer, its motor runs at a very slow speed, making it the best slow juicer for carrots and veggies, so it does not produce a lot of noise. It makes a sound of less than 60DB. So the people in your vicinity will not be disturbed.


The box contains a 950ml juice cup, an 800ml pulp container, an instruction manual, and a cleaning brush.


The company gives a 1-month free trial and a 2 years warranty. A special offer is also there for amazon customers, superior life-long customer technical support, and 24 hours premium service.

Easy To Use

You do not have to have tools for assembly. The assembly is very easy, and handy. Similarly, cleaning is also straightforward. All parts are dishwasher safe.

Reverse Function

The reverse function is there to avoid clogging during the process of juicing. It results in giving juice with low pulp and no foam.


The material is so good that it makes it a very durable machine. All metallic material is made up of high-quality titan food-grade anti-oxidant material. The plastic is BPA-free. All over is good in this machine, so undoubtedly, you will get the best cold pressed carrot juicer for your kitchen countertop.

  • Multipurpose Juicer
  • Best starter juicer
  •  no heat built-up hence healthful juice
  • Best juicer for carrots and celery
  • Reverse function to avoid clogging
  • Noise-free best juicer machine
  • No large feed chute

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Tribest is one of the top companies when it comes to manufacturing juicer machines. The Greenstar Elite juicer (GSE-5000) is one of its most famous high-end juicer machines because it is a juicer with complete mastication technology.

Moreover, it can Juicer almost everything possible, like beets, carrots, leafy greens, kale, and other ingredients. It also provides the luxury of adjusting pressures according to your requirement.

green star elite juicer costco

Pressure Adjustment

You can use this mechanism to adjust the pressure according to your need to control the pulp ejection. This feature is rare in other juicers for carrots. This function also saves you from further problems like clogging.

Different types of ingredients need various pressure adjustments. Tribest GSE-5000 allows you to adjust pressure anytime without stopping the juicing process, thus decreasing your efforts.

Complete masticating

This company claims that their tribest juicer is one of the best complete masticating juicer machines and can get the juice of anything without any mess. This juicer takes care of all three of them and the juicer every drops out of the ingredient hence completing the full mastication process.

Bio-ceramic Technology

There is another unique technology used in this machine named bio-ceramic technology. The term bio-ceramic relates to the products with the highest amount of nutrients.

This technology involves magnets that rearrange clusters of water. Thus you can consume the highest nutrients, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins without losing the natural taste of ingredients. This technology makes it the best juicer for a carrot and other foods.

Easy Cleaning

The juicer is designed in such a way that it is easy to attach and detach its parts. You do not need to clean a lot of features because it has a few of them. Therefore the cleaning process is rapid and easy, saving a lot of time and energy. The cleaning brush is there to make the cleaning process easier.

Longer Shelf Life

Since the juice obtained has living enzymes and no nutrient degradation is there, you can save it for a longer time and use it within 72 hours. The juice contains 50%-200% more essential minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, etc.

Twin Gears

The twin gears especially work which have sharp teeth. These teeth are there to face more problematic ingredients like carrots and beets. It is easy for them to slice and crush such types of ingredients without bothering the motor much. That is why a complete process of cold pressing happens.

A nylon safety buffer is also there that prevents two gears from coming in contact with each other. So there will be no steel particles in your juice, and this makes juice making the process very safe.


The motor runs at a revolutionary speed of 110RPM, which is relatively low, making it a complete masticating cold press juicer machine. This results in minimal oxidation and produces the highest quality juice.


The box contains a cleaning brush, instruction manual, breadstick, pasta maker (optional), soft fruit outlet adjusting knob, juice pitcher made of glass, a plastic plunger, a wooden plunger, and a unique scraper tool along with a juicer machine.

It also includes homogenizer accessories to make it a more versatile juicer. These accessories turn it into a food processor and make frozen sorbets, salsa, nut butter, ice creams, sauces, pate, etc.


It is a very durable product and worth its price. Parts are made up of high-quality material for which Tribest is famous.


Since it is a homogenizer, there is an additional breadstick maker. You can use that to make tasty breadsticks and rice cakes. You can also order an extra pasta maker if you are a pasta lover and enjoy making pasta. There is a soft fruit outlet adjusting knob used to juice milder ingredients such as tomatoes and oranges.


Tribest wins the race by giving a giant warranty of 15 years for household users and a 3-year warranty for professional commercial users. They also provide dedicated customer service to their clients.

  • Pressure adjustment for pulp ejection
  • It is a very durable machine
  • Twin gear technology
  • Bio ceramic technology
  • Easy to celan and use
  • It is expensive but worth buying


Omega J8006hdc is a high end classy slow masticating juicer that we have picked due to its performance. It does not produce oscillations of high frequency in the air in your vicinity, thus gives you a peaceful working environment. It saves your precious time because using and cleaning this juicer is not rocket science.

omega j8006hdc juicer


This slow-masticating Juicer of Omega is quiet and does not create a lot of noise in your environment. If you are a morning person and regularly make juice in your kitchen early in the morning, it can be so annoying for your fellows because of the noise a juicer makes. This juicer will compel your fellow to ask you if you used your juicer this morning or not because it does not produce much noise.

Easy Cleaning

This machine is very easy to clean. The assembly of all parts is very easy and quick. The parts are dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned manually by a cleaning brush that will not take a lot of time and effort.

Cold Press Technology

Since it is a slow masticating juicer, it does not produce heat during juicing sessions. Due to the cold press technology and no heat build-up, there is minimal oxidation, thus losing essential nutrients, enzymes, minerals, etc.

A juice made from slow masticating juicers is always rich in taste and can be stored for a long time, preventing all of its nutrients.

All-rounder (Nutrition Center)

There are many juicers for carrots available in the market today. Still, you can use this one not only for carrots but also for other ingredients like celery, leafy greens, fibrous ingredients, etc., because all of them are also very easy to juice for this machine. This machine not only juices but also makes nut butter, ice creams, baby foods, grind coffee beans, make spices, make herbs, etc.

If you buy it, you will never disappoint. The omega J8006hdc review will be very helpful in your future.

Small Feed Chute

Since it is one of its cons not to have a wide feed chute, there are many pros. For example, the fear of hurting your hands while putting fruits into the machine is never there.

Excellent Performance of Motor

The augur running revolutionary speed is 80RPM which is okay for a slow masticating juicer for carrot with the cold operation. The speed is best found in juicers for carrots.

Dry Pulp

This machine does not disappoint you and gives you a pretty dry pulp, and you are sure that this juicer has worked to its fullest to drain every drop out of the produce.

Warranty & Durability

Omega never disappoints you by giving short-term warranties, so, in the case of this machine, Omega offers a long 10-year warranty.

Durability is a factor almost everyone looks for before buying an electronic/electrical item. This juicer is quite durable due to its stainless steel material.


The dimensions of this juicer for carrot machines are 14.5″ x 6.5″ x 15.5″. It weighs only 13 pounds which shows it is easy to store and a very portable one.

  • It is user friendly as it is easy to use and clean as well
  • The quietness makes it a very peaceful juicer
  • Cold press technology makes a juice rich in both taste and nutrients
  • it can be used for other useful purposes rather than just juicing
  • The pulp is very dry
  • 10-year warranty
  • Smaller feed chute


 This is also the best Breville carrot juicer. That has earned it by continuously manufacturing the best and affordable juicers for carrots and other products for a long time. It is a centrifugal juicer that is one of Breville’s high-speed machines that can produce a large quantity of juice in a short time.

breville je98xl juice fountain plus

Dual Speed Control System

Due to its dual speed operation, this juicer can handle both hard and soft ingredients like carrots, beets, oranges, etc.; you can choose between 6500 RPM and 12000 RPM speeds according to the thing you are going to put inside its chute.


Since it is a centrifugal juicer. The motor of this juicer is manufactured to work on a power of 850 Watts. The augur runs at a speed of 6500 RPM and 12000 RPM.


You will have a juicer machine inside the box, and there is another notable thing, and that is a DVD. The DVD’s title is quite impressive, and that is “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” This DVD has a lot of information for beginners, letting them know about the benefits of introducing juices to their lives.

Easy to Use

We add it to the list of the best juicer for carrots and ginger due to its amazing functionality and ease to use and ease to clean. The assembly is pretty easy and quick as well. Parts are dishwasher safe and can be washed manually, too, by using a cleaning brush. All parts are made up of BPA-free plastic.


The dimensions of this juicer machine are 13.2″ x 16.5″ x 18.2″. This juicer weighs 13.35 pounds. Breville gives a 1-year warranty on its parts and performance.

Heavy Duty

It is a heavy-duty machine and quite a large one. But having said that, it is not difficult to store it on your kitchen top due to its shape and not so difficult to transfer it from one place to another because it’s not so heavyweight.

Large Feed Chute

It has a 3″ sizeable wide feed chute so that you do not spend a lot of time preparing. It saves your time because you do not have to cut produce into smaller pieces to fit into the chute. Whole fruits and vegetables can quickly go through this chute, and blades take care of the rest. You can easily use it for hard vegetables and beats.

Juice Yield and Quality

The juice yield is excellent. As far as the final product’s quality is concerned, it is very high due to blades and mesh filters made up of stainless steel. Pulp extraction is quite easy and smooth, giving you pulp free juice.


The blades and mesh are made up of stainless steel material. Its polymer body is of such high quality that vibrations cannot do much harm to it. You can find a huge range of the best carrot juicer from online stores like Walmart and Amazon.

The froth separator works efficiently to give you less foamy juice because foamy juice is not anyone’s choice generally.

Extra Features

There is a cord wrapping fixture to ease the process of handling its wire. Handles are provided on the pulp collector vessel to facilitate the process of removing the collector.


This juicer comes up with a 1-liter juice jug that fits beneath its outlet nozzle. A large pulp container size with handles is also there for the collection of pulp. A cleaning brush is also there to ease the cleaning process.

Safety Features

There is a safety locking feature in it. This safety feature is not new to the users of Breville. The safety locking feature stops the juicer from running if the lid is not in place and its arms are not fully locked.

Another feature called overload to protect relay saves the machine from overheating by tripping any kind of overload.

  • It gives a higher juice yield
  • Due to its safety features, it is quite safe to use
  • Froth separator provides less foamy juice
  • The dual-speed control system adds to its versatility
  • Cord wrapping fixture
  • It is noisy


It falls under the category of commercial carrot juicer machine and slow masticating juicers that we have chosen for our juicers list. But it is called a heavy-duty juicer at the same time because of its 1/3 HP powerful motor and design. Thus it gives you a very high juice yield, just as you like it. It is compatible with almost all types of vegetables and fruits and some other unique features.


Heavy Duty

The champion company has taken a lot of care while deciding its material and parts. They are so durable and high-quality. It can stand a lot of harsh ingredients that some other expensive juicer cannot do. Its motor has both front and rear ball bearings for smooth running.

Stainless Steel Shaft

Although its hardware and blades mostly come with metal material, this juicer machine has a stainless steel shaft that makes it more durable, and you can easily use it for heavy-duty. It is not prone to damage as compared to some others.

Healthful Juice

People do like a juice that is rich in nutrients and enzymes. This juicer does not build up heat as some other centrifugal juicers do; hence, it gives a healthful juice with many nutrients and enzymes. The juice also does not lose its taste.

Free Recipe Book

You can get a free recipe book so that you do not only use the juicers for carrots juice only. The recipe book consists of other ingredients that you can try for making juice. We would love you to use your juicers for carrots to their fullest.


Its motor has an extra winding that increases the starting torque and results in a low heat operation. This increases its durability. Front and back ball bearings make it noise-free and smooth in running so that you can use it without disturbing other people in your vicinity. 

Large Feeding Chamber

It saves a lot of your time because you do not have to slice the carrot. This juicer has a large feeding chute like some of our other picks for best juicers for carrots resulting in a smooth operation that is also quick.


This also provides you with the luxury of a homogenizer to use not only to make juice. It can make fruit sauces, ice creams, nut butter, smoothies, baby foods, sherbets, and many more. 

Easy To Use 

You do not have to spend a lot of time making juice out of carrots. It is so simple and easy to use that it takes hardly 5 minutes to juice anything. Its reputation is so good amongst slow masticating. It also does have a simple design with lesser nuts, bolts, screws, and clamps.

Effortless Cleaning 

Furthermore, It saves your time of periodic cleaning because there is no clogging in this juicer as it is there in other juicers for carrots. The juice is separated effortlessly from the pulp with the help of a floating cutter to avoid clogging.

Dishwasher Safe

All of its parts are dishwasher safe, which means that assembly and cleanup do not take much time and effort.


The box contains the juicer body, screen holder, tamper, funnel, bowl, recipe book, cutter, screen, blank, and a sieve. Its blades and other components are made up of high quality food grade material.


Its manufacturer provides a tremendous 10 year warranty. This is certainly a good warranty that adds up to its value.

  • It is indeed a heavy duty machine.
  • Best suitable for juice bars
  • Its parts are corrosion free.
  • best manual juicer for carrots
  • The extra winding of the motor makes it more durable.
  • It is a little bit expensive.
  • It is quite heavy and large.

What is the best juicer for carrots?

The best carrot juicers machines must have all features which give you comfort by their ease to clean and use plus make any food making fast in low power consumption. A slow masticating juicer with low RPM speed gives you every drop full of nutrients and vitamins.

When you use a juicer for making carrot juice recipes, you can add it with some other fruits and enjoy cocktails. For example, you can mix oranges with carrots or apples to prepare juice recipes. It will enhance the taste, and juice will have several more nutrients, and it will be way tastier.

Slow juicers for carrots are also famous for giving a quite-high product in nutrients, and there is minimal oxidation. So if you prefer that then go for them but wait! We have put some centrifugal juicers for carrots that give high nutrient juices like Hamilton Beach 67608A and Breville JE98XL.

What is Mastication Juicer?

There is a difference between just mastication and complete mastication. Many companies claim their juicers to be completely masticating, but this one is one of those.

Other masticating juicers have a single auger system, but some machines have a twin auger system that makes it a complete masticating juicer. Mastication has three steps; slicing, crushing, and yielding the juice out without heating up. 

The Masticating juicer has benefits in a lot of ways. The slow masticating juicers are those juicers for carrots that do not have potent motors and do not produce noise. Their decibel levels are deficient. The fast centrifugal juicers are mostly low in giving higher yields than slow masticating juicers for carrots.

What is the best juicer for leafy greens?

We have enlisted the top juicer for carrots which also performs best for leafy greens vegetables. Here some of our best juicer for leafy green vegetables and fruits are Breville masticating slow juicer and Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juicer.

Our Recommendation

If we were at your place and had to choose from only one, we would have selected the Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 Elite Juicer. It has unique features that are very hard to find in others. Its salient features like pressure adjustment, bio-ceramic technology, complete mastication technology, twin gears technology, 15-year extended warranty, durability, and many more make it the best carrot juicer. As far as technology is concerned, it is for sure leading the rest.

Final Verdict

The final decision is up to you whether you choose from our list of best juicer for carrots or someone else. We are just hoping that we have made the choosing process a little bit simple for you. Above are all top-rated and likable products in the market nowadays. So, This guide will be helpful for you when you go to buy a juicer for your home.  If you do an investment in maintaining a healthier lifestyle, it’s not a big deal. So, prefer that juicer which comes with latest technology and high featured that make your life easier and faster in busy life routine.

Here we wish you the very best of luck. We hope this will become the best juicer for your health, your home, and your family.

Be healthy!

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