Best Juicer For Dieting In 2021 Reviews – 7 Top Rated Juicers Picks

Juices are an efficient and effective way to consume higher nutrients in your diet. It can be great for weight loss, keeping a healthier lifestyle, and to build your immune system so you can get healthy juice recipes for your diet by finding and using the best juicer for dieting. Moreover, juices help to promote weight loss quickly, and you can enjoy your diet plan by making different fruits and vegetables recipes at home.

There are many top selling juicers available in the market with different types, features, and price ranges but we think that Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is the best juicer on the market that offers the best value. But finding the best one from them that produces higher nutrients and is more beneficial for weight loss is not an easy task. So, here we enlisted the 7 best juicers for nutrients that effectively work for weight loss with an intake of calories.

7 Best Juicer For Dieting 2021 – Our Best Juicer Picks

Here are 7 of the Best juicer for dieting that we enlisted with all features, pros, and cons. Please scroll down and read it carefully.


Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

    • Brand: Breville
    • Material: Plastic
    • Power: 850W
    • Best Thing: Very Short Prep Time

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NutriBullet Juicer Pro

    • Brand: Nutribult
    • Bl: Gray
    • Power: 1000W
    • Best Thing: Stainless steel Blades


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    • Brand: Amzchef
    • Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic
    • Efficiency: 90% more Juice
    • Best Thing: Lifelong technical support

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Picberm PB2110A

Picberm PB2110A

      • Brand: Picberm
      • Warranty: 3 Years
      • Efficiency: 90% more juice
      • Best Thing:Stainless steel blades

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Picberm Cold Pressed Juicer

Picberm Cold Pressed Juicer

      • Brand: Picberm
      • Spiral: Updated 7 segements
      • Blades: Stainless steel
      • Best Thing:Twin Juicing Program

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NXONE Juicer

      • Brand: NXONE
      • Speed Modes: Soft, Hard & Mid
      • Warranty: 3 Years
      • Best Thing:Won’t Crack Nor Break

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Mama Choice Juicer

Mama Choice Juicer

      • Brand: Mama Choice
      • Efficieny: 90% More juice
      • Spiral: Updated 7 segements
      • Best Thing:Lifetime technical support

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1) Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer

Our first best juicer for dieting is Breville JE98XL that is perfect for multi-purpose. Its wide chute size allows you to add food without cutting and chopping and reduces preparation time. This centrifugal juicer is the best option for those who want a quick and easy to use , dual speed machine. Read its all functionality below.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

Wide chute

Mostly centrifugal comes with a wide chute size like this. It has a 3 inches wide chute that enables you to add whole apples, oranges, and every food without cutting. A wide tube is also helpful in cleaning. You can easily clean it deeply without using a cleaning brush.

Dual Speed Modes

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus has two speed modes. You can easily make any juice of hard vegetables, nuts, and wheatgrass easily and quickly. Its 850 Watts powerful motor can run 110 to 120 Volts.

High End Juicers

Its quick and straightforward operation allows you to extract every fruit and vegetable easily. The Breville is the most popular juice brand that produces high end juicers.

Furthermore, Their quality, excellent and unique technology system Make it the best juicer for diet.

High Quality Material

The filtration system is made of stainless steel, and all parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe. And this juicer has a built in froth separator function that gives you purer juice quickly.

Large Capacity

The main benefit of this centrifugal juicer is the high speed mode, and second, it has a large capacity that stores pulp and juice separately in a container. The juice jug has a 35.2 fl oz capacity.

Moreover, it comes with cleaning accessories and froth separators. If you don’t like pulpy and froth on juice, Use a froth separator. No doubt, You will get the best juicer for dieting in a reasonable price range.

  • Dual speed modes.
  • One year’s warranty.
  • Wide chute feed
  • Affordable
  • Large capacity for juice
  • 850 watt powerful motor.
  • Safety locking arm
  • Overload protection LED
  • Some time clogging issues occur.

In short, if you are looking for a centrifugal juicer that works with all vegetables and fruits, even suitable for leafy greens and wheatgrass, then choose this Breville juicer. It has two speed modes, a giant feed chute, a 150watt powerful motor, and led indications when the jar is full. That all is good enough for the best juicer for green drinks.

2) NutriBullet Juicer Pro Juicer Machine for Fruit & Vegetables

The NutriBullet Juicer Pro is specially designed for higher nutrient consumption for weight loss through a diet plan. This is an efficient juicer for multi purposes such as smoothies and flavorful juice. Plus, Its high torque motor and the power of turbo speed give you fresh juice for every hard fruit and vegetable. That is why this is the best juicer for nutrition consumption.

nutribullet juicer pro reviews

Feed Tube

It has a 3 inches long feed chute that can reduce your prep time, and you can easily make any recipe fastly. Plus, its large chute tube helps in cleaning without any cleaning brush quickly.

Safe and Healthy

All parts are 100% BPA free and dishwasher safe. Plus, you can enjoy its large container that has a 27 oz capacity of juice and also has a no drip spout ensures you don’t miss a drop. Its safe and healthier manufacturing provides the best juice for drinks.

Juice Life

Due to its slow speed processing, it prevents heating during processing and increases juice life. Moreover, You can store fresh juice for up to 48 hours.

Juice Quality

Centrifugal juicers like the Nutribullet Juicer Pro are the best juicer for wheatgrass. Its high speed and quick processing enable you to make anything confidently.

Moreover, less oxidation juice with 24-48 hours juice life is enough for you in a low price juicer machine. Plus, The tri speed Nutribullet Juicer Pro is best for processing dense produce and citruses. This is the best juicer for detox and gets benefits through this faster juicer machine.

  • Wide 3 inches chute feed.
  • Three speed levels
  • Freezer tray
  • Bpa free material
  • One year’s warranty.
  • Little bit loud

Overall, this is a High end best juicer for juice cleanse that comes with a low price tag. So, if your budget is tight and you want to follow nutrients such as vitamins and minerals into your diet, then this NutriBullet Juicer Pro may be worth it.

3) AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer

AmzChef is the most popular slow masticating juicer in the market. We enlist this juicer due to its thousands of positive reviews from customers they impressed with its outstanding performance. It is a multi purpose juicer that can juice every fruit, vegetable, and even leafy greens quickly. This slow masticating juicer is a compact size beautiful juicer with reverse functionality.

In addition, This juice extractor has an upgraded spiral system and is best for high juice yield. For your healthy lifestyle, add this juicer machine and enjoy higher and purer juice every morning.

amzchef slow masticating juicer review

Reverse Function

It prevents clogging and produces purer juice. If you find the best masticating juicer for your diet plan, buy this Amzchef cold press machine and clean the juicer. Even if you follow a dry fruits diet plan, this can crush every food easily. Simply add dry fruit with some milk or water and run the juicer on reverse.

Easy to Clean & Compact

Its compact and simple design helps to assemble quickly, and it’s easy to clean. If you have little space in the cabin or kitchen countertop, it perfectly fits any limited space and increases counter beauty due to its attractive finishing.

Healthful Juice

This machine has all parts dishwasher safe, and it’s made with 100% BPA free material. Plus, the hygienic and good quality product eliminates the chances of having toxic substances in juice.

Powerful Motor

Amzchef has a strong, highly durable 150 watt motor. It is run at an 80 rpm slow speed, and the seven segment spiral system makes it best for every fruit and veggie due to its great rotating function. High juice yield and preserve the maximum amount of nutrients in one big glass that makes you healthy and adds freshness to your life.

Long Juice Life

Although, the spiral seven segment system squeezes out every food at a very low speed and prevents oxidation during the process. This method helps to make juice longer shelf life and enhanced flavor.

  • Best masticating juicer for celery
  • Reverse and seven segment systems.
  • 80 RPM slow speed quiet motor
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Compact and stylish design
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Small feed chute
  • Sometimes Produces froth on juice

In short, overall, all are good enough in the affordable price range. You can also say that Azmchef is the best juicer for health Due to its toxic free material slow speed working. Plus, it consumes high nutrients in juice and produces purer without pulp and foam. So, it is a handy and safety certified juicer that extracts any food juice effortlessly. Well, get maximum juice yield from anything the user feeds it.

4) Picberm PB2110A Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor

Picberm is the most popular juicers brand. That’s why we added another model of the Picberms juicer; this is the best juicer for weight loss and works effectively if you add it for daily juices recipes. Picberm Pb2110A slow masticating juicer has a powerful, quiet motor with anti clogging features producing purer juice without froth. Furthermore, It gives you less oxidized juice due to its ultra slow speed squeezing processing. A cold press, easy to clean, is the best choice for you if you have a tight budget.

Picberm PB2110A

Higher Nutrient Preservation

With 80 rpm slowest speed, this masticating juicer provided higher nutrients preservation. The Picberm Pb2110A is the best juicer for hard fruits and vegetables that produce less oxidation juice every day. So, you can enjoy your morning and evening with fresh and healthy juice without froth.

150 Watt Motor Performance

As we mentioned above, it runs at only 80 rpm speed, with no chance of oxidation. It’s a cold press juicer that retains maximum nutrients from food and squeezes until the dried pulp. Plus, The solid and sturdy structures make it durable and reliable for any tough time, even for high juice yield. Its motor runs less than 60 dB, which provides you more increased safety and gives you comfort by its automatic shutting off features.

Dual Speed Modes

Picberm is an ideal juicer if you follow a strict weight loss diet plan. It will easily crush soft and hard fruits while using different speed modes such as Soft and Hard 2 speed control. It performs an Excellent job and allows you to extract juice easily from celery, ginger, carrots, oranges, wheatgrass, apples, grapes, and so on.

Reverse Function

Picberm has a reverse function that helps control clogging during the juicing process, gives you the purest juice, and avoids getting clogged.

Easy Clean

Its simple, and sleek design helps to clean it easily. You can use cleaning tools like a brush for deep cleaning, and without any effort, you can simply detach all its parts easily with one button. Plus, all its features are made of high quality material which is 100% BPA free and dishwasher safe.

  • It comes with Dual speed mode and reverses functions.
  • Work on Slowest 80 rpm speed.
  • Three years warranty.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to clean
  • Best juicer for all vegetables and fruits.
  • Small chute size

Overall, this Picberm PB2110A slow masticating juicer is the Best Juicer for Sirtfood Diet due to its excellent performance. Plus, The high density filter offers you the consumption of purest, froth free, riched nutritious juice every day. Without wasting time, buy this simple operation slow juicer, have fun with your family, and enjoy a healthy life!

5) Picberm Cold Pressed Juicer For Recipes For Fruits And Vegetables

Here is a three setting speed mode juicer that performs an excellent job and gives you fresh, nutrient rich juice from every fruit and vegetable. Add the Picberm Slow Masticating Juicer to your diet plan and get huge benefits with its slow masticating performance and cold pressed features that retain high amounts of nutrients in every single sip. Plus, its cold-pressed technology with a quiet and powerful motor minimizes oxidation during the juicing process. So get a better taste and enjoy a healthy breakfast every day.

best easiest to clean juicer


If we talk about the Picberm slow masticating juicer performance, its best thing is slow speed with three setting modes that give you higher nutrients without oxidation. If you juice any hard food, you can quickly move in a high speed mode. Otherwise, you can use slow to an average motor speed for soft fruits and vegetables that preserves essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.

In addition, if you use the Picberm cold press juicer, it will extract every food until it’s completely dried and leave the driest pulp.

Reverse Function

The Picberm juicer machine has a twin juicing program that performs a reverse function. You can confidently make any fruits and vegetable juice at home. The desired direction helps to make all vegetables like leafy greens, wheatgrass juice without clogging. You can control movement according to your needs.

Quiet Motor

The next term is its powerful, quiet motor that can make anything any time without disturbance. It works quietly at the speed of 80 rpm. Plus, it’s an automatic shutting off feature that gives you safety during the juicing process. This machine runs less than 60 dB. So, enjoy the healthiest juice everyman without disturbance.

Easy To Clean

The simple, sleek structure never gives you a tough time with cleanliness. It’s easy to assemble and effortlessly clean. All Parts are 100% BPA free and detachable, which helps to cleanse deeply. Plus, this juicer machine is dishwasher safe.


This is made of stainless steel that makes it highly durable and reliable for many years. You can also call it the healthiest juicer machine due to its BPA free and food grade antioxidant material, making sure of your health.

Healthful Juice

The Picberm Slow Masticating juicer offers the purest and healthiest juice daily with less foam and a more refined taste. Plus, Its 7 segment spiral system helps to squeeze out fruits and vegetables for a high juice yield.

Long Warranty

If you spend valuable money on the best slow masticating juicer, you also look for its longevity, durability, and reliability. So, don’t worry, THE Picberm juicer machine gives you up to three years warranty.

  • Rich nutrient juice and Less foamy juice
  • Quiet motor with three years warranty
  • Best for leafy greens and wheatgrass
  • 7 segment and reverse juicing function
  • Slow speed masticating juicer runs at 80 pm only.
  • Affordable
  • Cutting and chopping required
  • Small chute size

If you find an affordable, stylish, and compact masticating juicer that enhances the beauty of your countertop, this is the best option for you. It can preserve high nutrients in the juice.  With 3 years warranty and quiet, the slow speed motor makes it durable and reliable for all vegetable and fruits juice experiences.

6) NXONE Slow Masticating Juicer  For Vegetables & Fruits

Having a healthier life and maintaining it with an excellent diet plan is a good idea. Nutrients are the first thing you must consider in a healthy lifestyle. Here is the best idea for you, add an NXONE slow juicer that always gives you comfort and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and consume lots of nutrients.

NXONE slow juicer has a spiral function that prevents clogging during processing and can separate the juice from the pulp. Plus, it can extract 90% more nutrients from pulp with 80rpm slowest speed and avoid oxidation during the juicing process. Well, in a short time, you can make delicious, vital juices full of vitamins and nutrients for your family’s health and safety!

nxone juicer

Excellent Performance

I suggest every family must have this helpful gadget that preserves higher nutrients and strengthens their immune system. And you will get overall health benefits, especially on covid days.

It is a powerful, strong motor that can run with three speed modes ( low, mid, and high). You will be impressed with its working and nonclogging functions. Plus, it also performs quite operations with an 80rpm slow speed without any loud noise. So, you can confidently make juice anywhere at any time.


This is made of highly durable and 100% BPA free material. However, Compared to other juicer machines, this is the best juicer for high juice yield due to its robust structure and high quality strong material. Plus, You can use it for commercial use, and you will never face breakdown and crack issues.

Filtration System

Furthermore, this None juicer has an excellent filtration structure and powerful motor that works flawlessly for any hard food, quickly chop into small pieces, and separate without leaks and blocking. So, you will get purer juice full of the best nutrients from vegetables and fruits.


It also performs every job safely due to its automatic shutoff system. If it’s not set correctly on the motor, that will not turn on and never start the juicing process until perfectly fitting.

  • Easy to Clean and Operate
  • Three speed mode with reverse function.
  • Made with High quality material.
  • One step installation design.
  • Anti drip Cap and Hidden Handle.
  • Run at 80 rpm Slow speed.
  • Expensive

NXONE slow juicer runs on the ultra slow speed at 80 rpm and minimizes oxidation during the juicing process. Its reverse function prevents clogging, and the filtration system provides pulp free juice to you. However, you can save time and money with this best juicer for wheatgrass, leafy greens, and more and higher juice yield.

7) Mama Choice’s Slow Masticating Juicer For Higher Juicer Yield & Drier Pulp

MAMA’S CHOICE cold press juicer its name implies what it is for. It has excellent functionality and a quiet motor with a modern exterior design that perfectly makes every hard and soft food.

Furthermore, It gives you smooth, fresh recipes with maximum nutrients that are very healthful for children. Plus, its ultra slow speed and rotating processes build up less foamy juice and make it the best juicer diet plan.

mama's choice juicer

Highest Juice Yield

MAMA’S CHOICE slow juicer comes with incredibly advanced technology that squeezes higher amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and retains them for a long time. It also helps to reduce heat during the juicing process. Plus, You will get 90% juice of every fruit and veggie.

Compact Design

This juice is compact and easily fits in any limited space. Plus, its stylish and modern looks enhance the beauty of your countertop.

Assemble & Disassemble

It’s straightforward to assemble with one button; you can detach all parts. You can clean it very quickly. Plus, All parts are dishwasher saves and 100% BPA free. So, get benefits with its One touch assembly design and cleaning accessories that help clean.

Convenient and Handy

A convenient and compact design makes it a handy juicer machine. It comes with a 650ml jar that contains fresh juice and another 1000ml jar that contains the pulp of food.

Speeds Modes

This mama’s juicer machine can run on different speed modes, which helps squeeze hard and soft food using low and hard methods. For example, if you want delicious juice of soft food, use ” SOFT MODE” (80 RPM), and for hard food, run at” HARD MODE” (100 RPM). That is why we call this the best juicer for hard fruits and vegetables for you.                

  • Dual speed mode
  • Easy to assemble and clean.
  • Reverse functionality avoids jamming.
  • Affordable
  • Compact and handy design
  • Best juicer with easy clean up
  • Required high preparation time.

A modern advanced technology juicer with reverse function and dual speeding mode. These features can impress you when you make juice using it for your kids, family, and friends. You can get a fantastic juicer with the lowest price range and unique features, even if it has a three years warranty. No doubt, this comes with huge benefits, you can say it’s definitely MAMA’S CHOICE juice extractor that mom will highly recommend.

FAQs About Best juicer for Dieting 2021

Here we add some frequently asked questions about the best juicer for dieting if you plan to buy the best juicer for weight loss.

How much can you reduce weight by using fresh juice?

Juicing is an effective way to lose weight, but it only works when you continue it for the long term with a specific weight loss diet plan. According to the study, continuing intake of fresh juice of green vegetables and fruits every morning can be helpful to reduce 3 4 pounds in 5 days.

Is the fresh juice helpful for 20 pounds in a month? 

Yes, it’s possible, but only in some cases. Some of the best juices for weight loss are suggested by nutrition, but you must do exercise along with a diet plan properly with an expert guide.

Which is best for healthier lifestyle juicing or blending?

Both are good, but we recommend that juicing is the best option for you because it has more nutrients, mineral vitamins, and enzymes than blending. If you want a low fiber juicing diet, juicing is best for you. Otherwise,  Blending is higher in fiber, improving your digestive health.

What is the ideal time to drink green juice?

You can intake any juice at any time. There is no time limit for this. But if you have a plan for weight loss with a green drink. You must consume green juice in the morning. 30-45 minutes before drinking coffee or a meal, you can drink green juice. Be aware, Never take green juice with a cooled meal.

Final Words

So, we have enlisted the 7 best juicers for dieting and we hope this guide will be helpful for you when you buy the best juicer for weight loss. We have explained all products comprehensively with their all positive and negative aspects. But, if you are confused still that what is the perfect juicer to buy then you can choose NutriBullet Juicer Pro Juicer. It has great juicing features and it is the best affordable juicer machine So,  start your diet with your favorite ingredients and drink delicious and flavourful juice at home.

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