10 Amazing Cold Pressed Juice Benefits For You

Do you want to make your morning refreshing? If yes! Then why do you not give cold-pressed juice a try? Cold pressed juice benefits are numerous that everyone must know before use. These juices are free from preservatives, healthier and tastier than ordinary juices. We are damn sure! You’re surprised to hear this. Stay stuck here as we will tell you about the ten interesting benefits of cold-pressed juice. Hopefully, you will love them. Aside from the benefits, let us clarify the difference between ordinary fresh juices and Cold pressed juice.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Juices and Cold Pressed Juices?

Generally, there are two types of juices available now. These are fresh juice and Cold-pressed juices. In this portion, you will know the main difference between Cold pressed juice vs normal juice. Unfortunately, most people do not know the difference between these two variants.

Fresh juice

Fresh juice can be made at home or any juice centre using an ordinary juicer or blender machine. The work of any normal juicer or blender is to extract juice from vegetables or fruits, and this work is done by using a fast spinning blade.

After thoroughly blending the raw juice, run through a mesh filter that will filter out any fruit or veggie pulp remaining in the juice. Now, this juice is ready to use and is called fresh juice. It cannot be stored for a longer duration.

Cold pressed juice

A cold pressed juice is formed by using a hydraulic press. In the hydraulic press, pressure is applied to the fruits and vegetables to extract the maximum amount of juice. There is no use of additional heat or oxygen while making pressed juice. Furthermore, these juices last longer as compared to ordinary juices. By consuming this juice, you can get a lot of essential nutrients and vitamins. These nutrients will be lost in the spinning process used to make fresh juice.

From all the points mentioned earlier, you will clearly know which drink is most suitable and beneficial for your health.

How Are Cold Pressed Juice Made?

To get juice from the cold press, you must adopt a completely different method of pasteurisation that involves high heat. The main process of making cold press juice is a hydraulic press that requires pressure on the fruit and vegetable. First of all, the fruits and vegetables are shredded into small pieces and then pressed between two plates at high pressure. Nowadays, this juice is gaining more and more importance. Most people prefer this juice over ordinary juice.

Let’s dive into the Cold pressed juice benefits on health.

10 Cold Pressed Juice Benefits That You Don’t Know

let us discuss the health benefits of juice that we extract with the best cold press juicer machine

1. Increase and boost the energy level

The main benefit of Cold pressed juice is that it provides some extra energy. Ultimately this energy helps to make your day more energetic. Furthermore, it also boosts your immunity and keeps you active and healthy. The Cold pressed juice works almost the same as fresh vegetables and fruits.

2. Helps to detoxify the toxin in the body

In our daily routine, our body comes across many toxins, mainly alcohol, junk food, dirt, smog and many other environmental pollutants. To detoxify your whole body, Cold pressed juice is very effective here. Cold pressed juice contains many nutrients and minerals that mainly fight numerous toxins. Ultimately protects the liver, kidney and skin from overload as these organs are used for detoxification.

3. Perfect taste

The Cold pressed juice provides the original taste of the fruit and vegetable. The Main reason behind its better taste is minimal handling in making this juice. Furthermore, there is no addition of heat and preservatives in it. Ultimately cold pressed juice retains its nutritional value.

Moreover, no heat is involved in this process, so all the essential enzymes remain the same in the juice. The presence of the enzyme enhances the taste of the juice.

4. Promote weight loss

Another benefit of cold press juice is that it is very helpful to lose weight. So, add the Cold pressed juice to your weight loss journey and see the noticeable result in a few months. When your body detoxifies toxins continuously, you will ultimately see yourself losing weight. Cold pressed juice works side by side for detoxifying and losing weight. When a person takes Cold pressed juice before a meal, he will feel full and eat less crab like bread, wheat, etc.

5. Boost vitamins

Our body requires a lot of nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy and work efficiently. In normal juicing, a lot of these nutrients will be lost. But when you adopt a cold-pressed method for juicing, all of these nutrients will ultimately retain in the juice.

6. Cold pressed juice shelf life

The shelf life of Cold pressed juice is longer compared to ordinary juice. For instance, in fresh juice, you must consume it immediately after its manufacturing. Otherwise, it will lose its flavour and colour. Ultimately it becomes unhealthy. On the other hand, you can easily store cold-pressed juice for 3 to 4 days. These days the juice’s colour, flavour and taste remain the same.

7. Increase hydration

The other great benefits you can get from the Cold pressed juice. It helps to increase hydration and improve your overall health. A sufficient level of water in the body provides healthier skin and strong metabolism.

8. Fast and Easy

Our busy daily schedule may not always have the time for a proper breakfast. Imagine peeling the vegetables/fruits, removing all the seeds, adding them to the juicer and then making juice out of it on a busy Monday morning! Cold-pressed juices are the quickest way to receive essential nutrients and the energy we require to get us through the day.

Since their shelf life is also comparatively high compared to fresh juices, you can store them and not worry about making trips to the market every day for some juice or spending your precious time in the kitchen making juice by hand. The shelf life of cold-pressed juices is 2-3 days in the refrigerator which gives you ample time to store it and grab a quick juice

9. Natural Sugar and no added preservatives

When compared to canned or bottled juices, cold-pressed juices are not loaded with preservatives and unnecessary sugars. The sweetness you get from cold-pressed juices comes from natural fruits and vegetables. Be it orange punch or a combination of your favourite fruits or vegetables, cold-pressed juices are healthier and natural and come without preservatives!

10. Last Longer

Compared to fresh juices, they need to be consumed immediately, or they start rotting, changing their colour and becoming unhealthy for consumption. In comparison, cold-pressed juices have a longer shelf life of 3-4 days without changing their colour or taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

 is it okay to take pressed juice every day?

Answer: yes, you can take Cold pressed juice daily but in a fixed quantity. Make sure this juice will not be your only source of healthy nutrition. A glass of cold-pressed juice every morning will be the best choice.

What amount of cold pressed juice should I Consume in a day?

Answer: 2 glasses or almost 12 ounces of Cold pressed juices is enough to fulfil the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Always try to take the juice within the safe limit to get maximum benefits.

Is cold-pressed juice more beneficial than a smoothie?

Answer: There is no comparison between cold-pressed juice and smoothies. In cold press juice, all the fibre is removed from vegetables and fruits, and you get a thin juice. In Smoothies, you take them with include fibre that makes it thick juice. Both cold press juice and smoothie have equal importance. It depends upon the person who wants what juice, either cold press juice or smoothie.

 Is cold pressed juice high in sugar?

Answer: Cold pressed juice is a source of natural sugar only. There is no addition of artificial sweetener or sugar in the juice.

Is cold pressed juice healthy?

Answer: Yes, it is healthy juice. When we talk about cold press juices, you are confident they are full of vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and minerals compared to regular juices. As cold press juicers work at very low speed, this juicer does not heat up and never exposes its heat to the juice when these juicers run for juice fruits or vegetables. So these juicers give a full, healthy juice.

Final Words

Cold pressed juice is a saviour for us to remain active throughout the day when we do not have enough time to eat breakfast. Furthermore, There are numerous benefits of juices that are impossible, to sum up in a single post.

We hope this article will be a source of information for you. Stay active and healthy!

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