Hamilton Beach 67601A Juicer Reviews With Pros, Corns

Are you also tired of drinking canned juice with very few nutrients and high sugar? I suggest you not drink it anymore. Utilize the latest Hamilton beach 67601A juicer for making your healthy and delicious drink.

In this post, I am going to provide you with an honest review of Hamilton beach 67601A juicers. I have purchased 12 models of these juicers and distributed them to my family and friends. Now I am compiling all of their reviews in a single post.

Seems interesting. So stick to this post to know about the review of this juicer.

In my experience it is a very easy-to-use centrifuge that performs a complete pressing and removes the almost dry pulp separately, making subsequent cleaning easier.

You can start your planned diet with a handy juicer that will give you a nutritious, packaged glass of juice within minutes.

When I was using this juicer I loved that fruit and vegetable pulp ejected separately from the Hamilton Beach 67601-A. Furthermore, centrifuge not only produces a highly nutritious juice meanwhile it has various applications.

 Hamilton Beach 67601A Juicer Features, Pros, Corns

In this portion, I am going to provide you with an honest review of this juicer after using it for 14 days.

Hamilton Beach Juicer 67601-A is pretty simple, and best of all, it looks simple enough. Just cut the vegetables and fruit into cubes so that they go through the feeding. After feeding then press them lightly with a push or by hand.

The juice escapes on one side, and the pulp is collected in the extraction bunker. However, we found that the overall quality can be described as average, i.e., it does not cool down while waiting for long shelf life.

Furthermore, it extracts juice from the fruit and vegetables very effectively. This applies especially to soft fruit and vegetable pulp.

If harder ingredients are used, it may be necessary to soak the water in advance or soak the ingredients in water, but this is normal.

However, our two main complaints are about the design and the vulnerable parts, which we believe need to be replaced regularly, especially if you are as clumsy as we are!

Easy to use

Hamilton Beach 67601-A is a versatile centrifuge that can easily produce a dozen cups of juice or a quarter of a liter of juice, depending on the situation.

You can start with a regular diet and get a nutritious dose of fruit or vegetable juice every day, thanks to the large, easy-to-use extractor that saves valuable time by depositing all the fruit and vegetables and thorough pressing, leaving little or no mess for the next harvest.


The best feature of the Hamilton Beach 67608 centrifuge is its ease of cleaning. Because the appliance is made of high-quality plastic parts that are removable and dishwasher-safe, you can easily disassemble it after use and, if desired, clean it under running water or simply put it in the dishwasher. Its cleaning is easier and fast.

An extra large pulp container and separate outlets for juice and pulp ensure that no unnecessary clutter is created. Although there are no extra tools for cleaning, you can’t complain about the price.

Juice quality

The robust 800-watt motor does a thorough juicing job on the Hamilton Beach 67601-A centrifuge. Each drop of juice is efficiently extracted, and the pulp is thrown into the container separately so that a glass of nutritious, packaged juice cannot be detected.

The unframed juice, which can be collected directly from the glass, is ready to drink and does not need to be filtered. You can drink freshly squeezed juice after squeezing or keep it in the fridge for a while and drink a glass of fresh, nutritious juice in the morning.

Juice Vintage

This robust and powerful centrifuge extracts the last drop of juice from the hardest fruits, vegetables, or nuts it contains. It is extremely effective and produces a ready-to-use, foam-free juice in a few minutes. Now place the freshly made juice into the fridge for some time.

Ultimately now you can drink chilled and fresh juice with a lot of nutrients.  We know that this centrifuge produces 24% more juice than others in its category.


This centrifuge is powered by a powerful 800-watt motor, which speeds up the centrifuge process and saves valuable time. The powerful engine can handle even the heaviest fruit or vegetables perfectly.


This magical juicer works efficiently only at the motor of 800 watts. As this is a powerful engine, the noise level is high and can be higher than normal.

I will suggest you keep this juicer away from the bedroom or living room if you want to make juice in the morning.

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In short, the Hamilton Beach 67601-A juicer is the ideal solution for all your juice needs.

It has a number of attractive and unbeatable features, such as a powerful motor, a wide chute, and a closed container for the separate collection of pulp.

It can produce a clear, non-foaming juice from almost all leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach and other normal vegetables that can be eaten whole.

This juicer performs exceptionally well for making juice of different dry fruits, especially nuts. It takes only 2 mins to make a glass of juice from the different fruits and vegetables.

In short, Hamilton beach 67601A juicers are very pocket friendly and effective in their processing. No doubt it makes a bit of noise but can avoid this inconvenience by keeping it restricted in the kitchen only

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