Omega MM900HDS Review: Medical Medium Slow Celery Juicer

if you want to juice the celery and do not know which juicer should buy then this article is for you. Here, we will give Omega MM900HDS Review which is highly recommended for extracting juice from celery and celery stalks.
It is a cold press juicer extractor that’s optimized for the processing of celery juice. It is the official Medical Medium Juicer ExtractorThe Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Celery Juicer Extractor can not just bring the very best out of your celery juice but can also juice or process dense produce, citruses, and leafy greens.

This particular celery juicer extractor is simply the best celery juicer I’ve come across on the market, and at this moment I wrote this review, there’s no other juicer on sale right now that can extract the very best celery juice out of the very press or squeeze as Omega MM900HDS celery Juicer Extractor does.

The newly included celery juice end cap makes the juicer more dependable because it creates a tighter press or squeezes to get more juice, and maximum juice yield compared to other juicer machines.

Its cold press system minimizes heat build-up and oxidation because it juices at a low speed of 80 RPM. The juice extracted from this omega juicer can be stored for up to 72 hours (3 days), without juice separation or degradation.

It also includes the standard 15 years manufacturing warranty covering both the celery juicer parts and the performances.


Features of the Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Medical Medium Juicer Extractor

  1. It comes with a celery optimization attachment for high celery juice output.
  2. The juicer has an extra-large feed tray and attaches a juicer handle for added convenience.
  3. It’s capable of juicing whole stalks of fresh crisp celery.
  4. They include a standard 3 adjustable end cap pressure settings on each; for juicing other produce.
  5. It has featured a large feed chute for less prep time when juicing celery but you’ve to chop down your fruits and veggies for easy juicing.
  6. The parts are BPA-free and are extremely strong juicers.
  7. Can get a cold press slow juicer to increase immunity.
  8. It has a quiet and powerful motor with gear reduction similar to a 2HP motor.
  9. It’s has a 15 years manufacturing warranty on the parts and performance.
  10. Dimension: 14.5 x 6.5x 15.5 inches.
  11. Pulps are ejected externally.
  12. It has a round chute size of 1.5 inches.

 Complete Features & Omega MM900HDS Review

Immunity Boost with Cold Press Slow Juicer

The low-speed dual-stage masticating juicing at 80 RPM produces minimal heat build-up and oxidation, resulting in extracting the maximum amount of immunity-boosting and health-enhancing vitamins, enzymes, and nutritious juice.

Special Celery Adjustable End Cap with Green Insert

The juicer is equipped with special adjustable end cap gears required to be used when juicing celery. It is not intended to be used for any other fruits or veggies. The green liner squeezes every last drop of juice from your celery, resulting in more juice per batch.

Extremely Tough Parts

These are essential for slow masticating juicers. Several other models on the market had also received complaints due to the case with which the utal parts can be damaged while in use. Following years of customer feedback, only the most durable materials are used in the production of these industrial extra-strong machines.

Easy To Clean/Wash

Yes, we recommend cleaning all the detachable parts of the juicer. They got top-rack dishwasher-safe parts. As soon as you’re done using the juicer extractor, place all the removable parts in soaked warm water diluted with a few drops of dishwasher soap or baking soda for about 60 seconds before running the parts in your dishwasher.

Easy To Use/Operate

This Omega Juicer has a small chute opening, its only downside regarding any horizontal slow masticating juicers. So, all you’ll have to do is to chop down your fruits and veggies into small pieces.

However, that’s not really a big deal with celery stalks, provided that you will place them in the end cap first or the flowering end of the celery. Also features an extra-large feeding tray and handle for more plus convenience.


  • It has great blending power.
  • Three days of juice shelf life if stored properly.
  • Maximum juice yield and also higher yields from your celery.
  • It’s suitable for juicing citruses, leafy greens, celery, and dense produce.
  • It’s easier to clean with automatic pulp ejection.
  • All the detachable parts are dishwasher-safe.
  • It has a low-operating motor.
  • Long-lasting warranty of 15 years.
  • Pretty much easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Overall great performance.
  • It has a compactable juicer size.
  • Easy operation when in use.
  • The slow speed reduces heat generation and oxidation.


  • It has a slower juice extraction time than centrifugal juicer extractors.
  • The narrow tube necessitates slicing your veggies and fruits into small pieces, which slows down the juicing time process.
  • Some users report a pulpy juice that may need the use of a strainer.
  • It’s a pricey slow-masticating juicer extractor.

Product Specs

Juicer type and style Masticating juicer and horizontal style
Material Plastic, blade material (stainless steel)
Wattage 200 watts
Durable Yes
Quiet motor Yes
Producer Omega
Color Silver and Black
Warranty 15 years coverage on parts and performance
Weight 17.16 pounds
Dishwasher safe parts Yes (all detachable parts)
Best used for juicing Fruits, veggies, leafy greens, celery, and wheatgrass
Dimension 14.5 X 6.5 X15.5 inches
Model number MM900HDS
Application Home and personal usage


  1. Juicing screen (new larger size).
  2. Plunger.
  3. Juice collection container (950ml).
  4. Pulp collection container (950ml).
  5. Cleaning brush.
  6. Ultem Auger.
  7. Celery juicing Adjustable end cap.
  8. Adjustable end cap with pulp adjustment nozzle.
  9. Juicer manual.

Reason why the Omega MM900HDS Press Juicer Extractor is Suitable for your home and other commercial places

I’ll say that the juicing consistency is one of the important reasons when talking about the Omega MM900HDS Juicer Extractor, due to the fact that there are not many other juicer extractors on sale worldwide that possess the such ability to make wonderful smooth juices. The specially designed single-gear Ultem hard Augers do the whole magic because your various produce gets the tightest squeeze possible.


If you’re new to juicing and you are in search of a juicer extractor that gets the job done when dealing with celery produces… “Search no more”, because the Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer Extractor is the perfect choice for you.

I will like to point out that the Omega MM900HDS Juicer is strictly designed for just juicing. It doesn’t carry out other food processing abilities, unlike its predecessors. aims is to provide you with effective tips about fresh juicing and smoothies. We also help you to choose the right juicer or blender so that you could make your fresh juice recipe easily with help of the best juicer or blender to make your juice delicious and healthy.

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