POWER XL JUICER REVIEW: Is Power XL Juicer Worth Buying?

If you are willing to read a detailed POWER XL JUICER REVIEW, then you are in the right place.PowerXL self-cleaning centrifugal juicer machine is the ultimate kitchen appliance for making fresh and healthy juices. It’s a self-cleaning juicer with extraction technology. It combines the efficiency of a masticating juicer with the convenience and ease of use of a centrifugal juicer. This juicer has an innovative self-cleaning design that reduces pulp buildup to keep the juicer clean and run at peak performance. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced users who want to get more juice in less time without hassle.

This commercial grade 1200 watt / 20,000 RPM motor extracts up to 30% more juice than a typical masticating juicer, and it’s easy to dial control with three speeds for soft, medium, and hard foods making it perfect for any level of experience in the kitchen. 

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Self Cleaning Power XL Juicer Features

Here are most important features of this juicer that you must know before buying.

Three variable Speed Modes

The POWER XL Juicer comes with a continuous pulp ejection feature and three variable speed modes so you can adjust it to your liking. It also has easy-to-use dial control with three speeds for soft, medium, and hard foods like orange, pineapple, carrots, apples. It rotates at a very high speed of 20000 RPM. This allows you to get the most out of every ingredient you put in by using the ideal speed for the type of food you are juicing.

 Extra-Large Feed Chute Capacity

The centrifugal juicer has a large enough chute that you can juice whole fruits and vegetables, which reduces prep time. It also saves money because you no longer have to buy pre-cut produce.


The fast juicer has a powerful 1200W motor that delivers maximum juice, vitamins, and minerals from fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. It is an updated next-generation juicer machine with the latest premium extraction technology.


The stainless steel sharp blade offers maximum durability and superior performance. It is designed to crush the ice with ease, making it the perfect juicer for your favorite smoothies! With ease, the durable stainless steel blade cuts through hard veggies like carrots, celery, beets, apples, and cucumbers.

Powerful Motor 

The POWER XL juicer uses the best design of a heavy-duty motor to extract juice in a very short time. This Juicer machine comes with an 850 watts motor. POWER XL’s ultra-powerful motor works great with all kinds of products from hard vegetables and fruits to leafy greens, wheatgrass, carrots, etc.

 Removable Non-drip Spout 

The high speed juicer comes with a pulp container, juice pitcher, and cord storage, as well as a non-drip spout, to make pouring easier. Its extra-large spout helps pour out any drink without dripping, which keeps the countertop clean. You can rotate the spout upward to stop the dripping juice on the countertop.

 Recipe Book

This juicer comes with a recipe book named “Juice Your Way To Health.” It less your tension to think about what fruits or vegetable combination should be used to make the best juice recipe. So, its recipe book includes everything from fruit and veggie combinations to healthy drinks, dressings, sauces, soups, snacks, and desserts. 

Self Cleaning Function 

The POWER XL has a new self-cleaning function, making juicer maintenance much easier. It automatically ejects pulp into a specially designed juice container with just one touch button while its three washing brushes easily clean the mesh filter. The specially designed juice container is used to catch the ejected pulp during the cleaning process.

BPA free material 

The powerful juicer is designed with the health-conscious consumer in mind. It’s made from BPA-free material and contains no phthalates, which have been linked to hormone disruption, birth defects, and other negative health effects.

Prevents Waste Pulp Build-up

The power xl self cleaning juicer comes with a patented pulp control feature that prevents waste buildup, ensuring you get more fresh juice full of nutrients and vitamins. So when we clean the juicer properly, it vanishes the chance of buildup pulp in the juicer blocks.

Time Saving Juicer

Power XL juicer comes with an extra-large feed chute that allows putting the whole fruits and vegetables without extra cutting copping work. So when you use this juicer, you do not need to put extra effort into chopping vegetables and fruits. Put the whole ingredient and get your juice recipe in the shortest prep time.


  • Self-cleaning juicer 
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Best for hard and soft both fruits and veggies
  • Provide a recipe book that contains a lot of recipes
  • Do not build up any pulp.
  • Affordable price


  • Short warranty
  • Juice has some froth and foamy taste

FAQs About Self Cleaning Power XL Juicer 

Is it easy to use & Clean?

It is a centrifugal juicer machine that uses a high-speed juicer. You will feel that it operates very smoothly even if it runs at a very high speed. We do not need to cut ingredients into small pieces, making its use easier due to its wider feed chute.

It is designed with premium self-cleaning technology, so you do not put any extra effort into cleaning it. It’s the one-touch button that makes the juicer clean from pulp and other food ingredient waste. It is dishwasher safe, so you must know that you must wash it with water even if it cleans itself.

Can I use whole fruits or vegetables for juicing?

Power XL juicer comes with an extra-wide and big mouth feed chute that takes fruits and vegetables as a whole ingredient. When you are willing to put in whole fruits or veggies, then remember that ingredients do not have a giant size that does not cross the mouth of the juicer. If you have huge-sized fruits, you have to cut them into small pieces first and then put them into a feed chute for juicing them. So best practice is that when you use this juicer machine, your small size fruits and vegetables are juicing.

Can we use the pulp of fruits or vegetables after being juice? 

We know that this Power XL juicer is a self-cleaning juicer machine that cleans the pulp automatically. It runs at a very high speed of 20000 RPM that takes out each drop of juice from the ingredient, so its pulp does not contain more vitamins or nutrients. So if you want to taste or eat its pulp, it is useless.

What is power xl juicer price?

Power xl commercial juicers do not have fixed prices on the online market. It has a different price on the various online markets. The fantastic thing is that it has a very affordable price. You can buy it by spending a few dollars. You can buy a power xl juicer from Walmart and Amazon.

Why Power xl juicer stopped working?

Many reasons occur when your power xl juicer is not working. First of all, you must check that switch is on or off. When you juice any fruits or vegetables, the pulp may clog in the filter, and the motor can overheat, which causes the shut off the motor automatically. So when your motor overheats, please switch off the juicer and keep it at room temperature so that it cools down. You also wash with pouring water on the parts to clean properly when jammed or not working.

Is Power XL Juicer Worth Buying?

If you think that the power XL juicer is worth buying, then the answer is Yes. If you want to buy a centrifugal juicer machine, you can buy this juicer instead of Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact. If you are a newbie and want to use a juicer for juicing, it is perfect. If you already know how to use a juicer, you can go with other masticating or cold press juicer machines.

We hope Power XL juicer reviews will prove helpful for you.

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