What is a centrifugal juicer? Complete Guide

First, you should know that Juice is a drink obtained from the extraction or pressing of the natural residue present in fruit and vegetables. There are many types of juices. Some people like fresh fruit juice, and some drink vegetable juice. There are many benefits that are obtained by drinking juices. For extract full of nutrient juice, you must know what is a centrifugal juicer and how it is effective in taking out the juice from fruits or veggies.

You can also refer to juice as a liquid flavored with some things that have good taste. If you want to have their taste in the juice, you can simply add its flavor to the juice.

The juice is commonly consumed as a fresh drink containing many important vitamins and minerals in the fruit from which the liquid was extracted. Many people drink juices because of vitamin deficiency and improve overall health by consuming them. As we all know, Fruits contain many vitamins that are essential for the human body to have, such as orange juice which provides the natural vitamin C that is needed by your body. Folic acid and potassium are also obtained from orange juice. However, we prefer fresh juice because it provides nutrients that offer health benefits and the health consultant suggests that we must consume a large amount of juice every day.

What is a Centrifugal Juicer?

A juicer is also known as a juice extractor that is used to extract juices from fruits and vegetables. A Centrifugal juicer is another type of juicer, that is also called a fast juicer, used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Basically, a juicer is a tool used to extract juice from fruits, leafy greens, and other types of vegetables in this world. All the natural juice is obtained from these fruits and vegetables by a process called juicing. It works by crushing, grinding, or squeezing the juice out from your fruit or vegetable.

Functioning of Centrifugal Juicer

Different juicers work differently. They work as food processors. Some juicers perform their work using twin gear. These juicers are designed horizontally and are called horizontal masticating juicers. They have different parts of attachments that come with the juicer when you order it. These attachments are used for many things that you need in the kitchen, like crushing fruits or herbs and many other things.

Is Juicing Healthy?

Many people in their diet use juice to stay healthy and fit. However, juices are an easy way to be healthy. It is easy to feel like you have a good diet to have good health. In short, you should drink juice regularly to have a good and healthy life. You will lose weight if you constantly use juice as a meal replacement without eating any other meal. This is because you are not taking a regular diet or having juice.

Besides this, even canned or prepackaged juice cannot provide you with the vitamins and fiber you can get from eating whole fruits and vegetables. Some people like it better to have eaten fruits along with juice because it is an easy way to gain vitamins. According to research that Harvard performs, it is seen that canned juices and coke have almost the same sugar level. If you are into drinking juice regularly at breakfast you will get noticeable results in a few days.

What is a Fast Juicer Machine?

The centrifugal force juicer also called the fast juicer machine, is the most demanding product in the market due to its quick and easy juicing process. The fast juicers are designed in a compact size, which’s why these are best suitable for households. But some famous brands produce high-quality, sturdy juicer machines that are more durable, suitable for commercial use, and have high juice yield. However, fast juicers are affordable, durable, and easy for every household and commercial use.

Moreover, a fast juicer works efficiently because it has sharp blades and a wide feeding tube that is fixed on the top of the machine. You can easily add fruits and vegetables without chopping due to the large feed tube.

The sharp blades are attached at the bottom of the juicer jug, when you add the ingredients it will spin against a sharp screen at a high speed of 6,000 to 14,000 RPM.


  • Very cheap to buy
  • Works at high speed
  • Slightly less cleanup


  • Extract less juice from the ingredients
  • Cannot extract juice from leafy greens or wheatgrass well
  • Have a huge noise

How to Extract Healthful Juice?

You can extract the juice by centrifugal juicers that offer you the chance to take your vitamins. If you want to have a green juice of vegetables, you can also extract it from the vegetables, which are filled with vitamins and can keep you healthy.


The working of the juicer is that it works on centrifugal force theory. The sharp flat blade rotates in an orbit at a high speed and these blades are also attached to the rapidly spinning filter at the bottom. The centrifugal force work against the juicing strainer. This force separates the juice obtained from the fruit through the tiny holes in the juicing container.

Why Do People Prefer Masticating Juicer?

There are some new juicers that are not like centrifugal juicers, but they are known as Masticating. They work on the slow procedure by crushing/chewing the ingredients that are used to produce the juice instead of cutting it. These types of juicers are known to produce juice that contains not only more juice but also a higher quality with a large quantity of the vital nutrients and proteins present in the ingredients used.

Some Downsides Of Centrifugal Juicer

Along with the benefits of these juicers, there are also some disadvantages, but still, there is a huge amount of usage of these popular juicers.


These juicers are noisy, and along with the noise, the high spinning speed of the cutter creates a lot of heat that can destroy vital nutrients. These nutrients are also stuck in the blade and clog throughout the process, making continuous juicing impossible.

Difficult to clean

But besides all these things, the one difficult thing is to clean this juicer, which is not an easy task. The containers used in the juicers are enormous, and it can be tough to clean them. You can extract juice from the wheatgrass or leafy green vegetables because the pulp that builds up in the filters reduces efficiency.

Intake Air

During the extraction of juice, a machine intakes a lot of air. This air can be harmful. It oxygenates the proteins and vitamins that are present in fruit and vegetables, and therefore. As a result, the juice produced is not used to drink.

Fewer Nutrients

Because of Oxidation, so many good intentions can fall by the wayside, as the effort used to produce the juice does not reward you with good results.

Top 6 Centrifugal Juicer

Many types of centrifugal juicers are available on the market. You can find a suitable one for you, and below there is a list of some of the top centrifugal that you can use:


This guide teaches you about the centrifugal juicers you can use in the house. Centrifugal juicers have a large amount of usage in houses due to the features that are provided in the machines. But along with the advantages, some drawbacks are also told in this guide.

A list of juicers is given on which you can check and buy the one you find suitable. These juicers are noisy, and along with the noise, the high spinning speed of the cutter creates a lot of heat that can destroy vital nutrients. These nutrients are also stuck in the cutter and make a clog throughout the juicing process, so continuous juicing is not possible.

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